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Meet Dr. Lara Loescher

Dr. Lara Loescher, BDS, MFDS RCSed

Associate Dentist

Dr. Lara Loescher provides a high level of dental care in a gentle and compassionate manner. She received her BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree from the University of Bristol. She worked in Bristol, UK as a House Officer delivering urgent oral surgery care and working within a community hospital with special needs and underprivileged patients. Dr. Loescher gained a position at a highly competitive practice in central London where she completed her vocational training and passed exams granting her membership to the faculty of dental surgeons in Edinburgh. Dr. Loescher has been working at Island Dental Center since April 2015.

Dr. Loescher is a conservative dentist who puts a high emphasis on preventative dentistry. She enjoys all aspects of dentistry and works hard to establishing a good relationship with her patients. She is constantly keeping up to date with new advances within the profession.

Dr. Loescher has many interests. She enjoys sports- particularly; Swimming, volleyball, snowboarding and skiing! She also enjoys cooking, eating, learning new languages and painting. Dr. Loescher enjoys traveling with her husband, Ilya and spending time with their dog, Wilson. 

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